Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have a wonderful Himmy named Mimi. She's is about as perfect a cat as anyone could ever hope to have. She's affectionate, not destructive, does not jump on my counters, very laid back. I trim her butt fur by myself and she just lies there like a little ragdoll, purring the entire time. She has the most beautiful blue eyes, is talkative (which I love), and very playful. And she doesn't try to eat my bird!

Me: Mimi, would you like to tell us how you maintain your beauty? I mean, how do you manage to look so gorgeous all the time?

Mimi: I don't mean to look smug or anything, but I know I'm, how shall I say it, extremely beautiful. I get plenty of exercise, watch what I eat, and get at least 14 hours of rest a day.

Mimi: Excuse me, but I need to catch some zzzz's. After all I need my beauty sleep.

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