Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dream Magic

When I dream, it's in full, vivid color. Sometimes my dreams are very weird and I can't even begin to guess what they mean. I've been pretty sick all of last week and finally got some antibiotics last Thursday for what I believe was a sinus infection that turned into a nasty case of bronchitis. I haven't been sleeping well because of the coughing and I've heard that sometimes antibiotics can result in strange dreams.

Last night, though, my dreams were very beautiful. I dreamed that I had gone to visit some childhood girlfriends. We were on our way to church, walking hand in hand down a dirt path to the church.

On the way we passed a beautiful pool of water that seemed to be lit from beneath. I was entranced and told my friend we should come back later so I could take some photos of the area because it was so beautiful.

We went to the church and attended the service and returned home. My friend dropped me off and said she'd be back later. For some reason, she wasn't able to come along; so I went off again, walking down the path, anxious to take as many photos as I could while it was still light outside.

I took in the views and began taking what I was sure were the most perfect photos I had ever taken. On my right was a lake, crystal clear, and the bluest blue.

There were homes along the lake and boats tied to docks, and I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to live there and see the lake every day. When I looked up into the hills, I saw a farm with a house, a barn, and a hillside covered with sheep.

I followed the path to the church, which was part of an old monastery. I walked in and saw sculpted archways and stopped to ask for permission to take photos of the monastery.

I took a photo of the sun as it began to set.

I couldn't wait to get home to see the pictures I had taken. I was sure they were perfect, but when I started to upload and view them, they all looked like they had been taken from a great distance.

I've been thinking about the dream today, wondering about the beauty and the mystery of it all. Maybe I was dreaming of heaven where all our dreams become our reality. When I woke up, it was with a smile and a feeling of warmth and happiness.


Rural Revival said...

Isn't it wonderful to wake from a dream like that?! I'd like to think there is more to dreams than just our minds restoring themselves. Beautiful photos, I love the sheep!

Be well

Dog Trot Farm said...

Beautiful photos to compliment such an amazing dream. Hope you are feeling well soon. Blessings

A New England Life said...

Wow, that's some serious dreaming! I wish my dreams were more peaceful like yours but they usually aren't.

Lovely photos!