Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loving Charlottesville

Every year my daughter and her husband go to Charlottesville to celebrate their anniversary.  Our extended family all meets there and takes a weekend-long vacation to celebrate their anniversary.  This year we visited eight wineries, some of which I'd never been to before.  I enjoyed myself so much.  Besides being with family and tasting some of the best wine in the region, the countryside is absolutely beautiful this time of year.  I especially love fall and the crisp weather it brings.  There's something so heavenly about this season and all of the colors that surround it.  These are some of the photos I took while I was in beautiful Charlottesville.

Some of the people attending arrive on Thursday night, and I thought about going on Thursday.  But then it started raining early in the morning and rained into the evening, so I decided to wait and leave on Friday morning so I could enjoy the ride and the beautiful scenery.  We managed to visit eight wineries in two days.  Can you believe it?  When I got there on Friday afternoon, I met my son and his wife for lunch and then we met everyone else and headed to Blenheim Winery.  Blenheim is owned by Dave Matthews, and his parents still live there.  As you can see the scenery there is wonderful and they have a nice tasting room.

After Blenheim, we went to Jefferson Wineries where we had a private tasting for our huge group of people.  The wines were wonderful.

We finished up our first day at Carter's Mountain where they sell apples, baked goods, cider, and. . .yep, you guessed it -- WINE!!  I bought the best peach wine there.  It tastes like they squeezed a fresh peach right into the bottle and the view from the mountain is gorgeous.  The drive up is a white knuckler, and I can't look out the window.  There are NO GUARDRAILS!!

There was still plenty of color in the trees.  After Carter's Mountain we headed to dinner at Enoteca where we drank (yet again) more wine.  It was a great day and we headed to bed with our bellies full and dreaming of heavenly views and more wine the next day.

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Dog Trot Farm said...

Genny, what a wonderful trip, how nice to be able to spend it with family members, makes it even more special. Beautiful scenery, beautiful photos, sounds like you discovered some very tasty wine. Have a great Monday!