Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrating Wine

I created this to celebrate Monday Mosaic with Mary at Little Red House.

Wine that maketh glad the heart of man.
The Book of Psalms, 104:15


Jayne said...

Very pretty and very vinyardy!

Carol at Serendipity said...

I stopped coloring my hair for the same reason!
Do you have ties to Maine? We use the term downeast a lot!

Nice blog.


Pondside said...

We say down east at home too - back in Nova Scotia.
Love that wine barrel!

Verde Farm said...

Love this mosaic--great shots.

Genny said...

Jayne: LOL! Very vineyardy indeed. Thank you so much for coming to visit!

Carol: Isn't it freeing not to have to worry about the color of your hair? And I honestly love the gray. Yours is just beautiful.

Pondside and Carol: I actually began this blog when I lived in coastal North Carolina where we use the term "downeast" because it's on the eastern part of North Carolina and refers to the coastal areas. How interesting that they use that term in Maine and Nova Scotia. Does "downeast" mean the coastal regions there too?

Amy: Thank you for your kind comment. I LOVE taking photos.