Monday, October 26, 2009

Grandma Moses

Anna Mary Robertson Moses started painting at the tender age of 76! I guess there's hope for me after all. She painted nearly every day and turned out more than 3600 paintings during the time she painted. Bennington has a museum that features some of her beautiful paintings. I couldn't wait to see them, and they're all amazing when you consider that she didn't use a paintbrush at first and used whatever paint she could find, including regular old housepaint. They have the old wooden kitchen table on display that she used to create her paintings. The museum has a store connected to it where you can purchase prints and cards with her paintings in them and also those of her grandson, Will Moses.

The museum also had beautiful quilts from Haiti, vintage and perfectly preserved antique grandfather clocks that were made in Vermont, an antique car, civil war era weapons, and a replica of an old schoolroom. I loved it. The outside of the museum is guarded by two identical Dalmations, one on each side of the doorway.

And just at the entrance, to the left of the gated pathway, there is a wonderful sculpture named the "American Spirit: Faith, Hope, and Charity."

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