Sunday, August 24, 2008

The One that Didn't Get Away

My oldest grandson loves to fish and he had the chance to go out on a big boat in a fishing tournament. He caught a big dolphin fish, almost as big as he is! Look at the size of this sucker!!

He also won this really cool trophy! And when they out on the boat the next day of the tournament, he got to eat his fish for dinner. He's a really good fisherman. Congratulations!! We're so proud of you!


Robin's Reports said...

My Goodness that is a big dolphin!! Congrats. And I love the trophy that he won. Jack would love one of those on his shelf.

(btw, Michael told me to say that he has the same bathing suit as your grandson.)

Genny said...

Thanks, Robin. How cool lthat Michael and Tyler have the same suit. I'll pass your congrats on to him. He'll be thrilled.