Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oatlands Plantation

I took some time out today to do some exploring. I live in one of the nothernmost counties in Virginia, very near the foothills of the Blue Ridge and it's very beautiful here. I wish, wish, wish that I could afford to buy a small farm in the foothills. I love it there, and I'd be eternally happy. The weather was gorgeous, still a little warm for my taste; but the shade was perfect. I took these wonderful photos of the gardens at Oatlands. Some of the plants have gone by from the summer heat, but there was still plenty to enjoy and see.

This is a huge birdhouse leading up to the plantation house!

A small pool with a fish fountain. See the water spouting from his mouth?

Here's a beautiful pool with a fountain and a surprise!

Here's the surprise hanging out right at the corner of the pool! At first I thought they were garden statuary, but then they moved. They posed so prettily. See the little one peeking out between the rocks on the right?

Sweet peas!! They smelled heavenly. I had no idea they would bloom this far into the summer.

Guarding the entrance to the upper gardens.

Other residents at Oatlands. There were loads of butterflies.

Last but not least, this giant oak stood tall at the entrance to the path. I wish I could give you some idea of how massive this tree was. It must be hundreds of years old.

After leaving Oatlands, I found a wonderful little place to eat called "The South Street Deli" in Leesburg. I ordered a Reuben sandwich on homemade ciabatta and potato and leek soup to go. I came home and stuffed my little belly full. It was soooo good!! So many restaurants, so little time.

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Knatolee said...

Love the photos, Gen! The birdhouse is beautiful, the frogs, love it all!