Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday we had ice and beautiful ice sculptures.  Today we had snow and a snow day off!!  Wahooo!  I knew there was a reason I loved snow besides the fact that I just love the white stuff.  I slept in, got up late, made coffee and took these great photos.  

By the time I went out to shovel the drive around 2 p.m., most of the snow on the blacktop had melted.  It warmed up and the crepe myrtle lost is frosting mantle.  It was beautiful in the afternoon setting sun.

I heated up the homemade soup I'd made yesterday.  When I looked out the window, this is what I saw, a glorious ending to a beautiful day.  I hope yours was as wonderful as mine.

I just love winter!


Dog Trot Farm said...

Hi Genny, happy to hear from you...Glad to read you were able to stay home and enjoy the day...never thought I would say this, but I love WINTER!!!!Greetings from Maine, Julie...

Genny said...

Julie! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet note! The photos on your blog are just wonderful. I think winter is just such a relief after the heat of summer, and I look forward to it. But our winters aren't anywhere near as cold as yours up there in Maine!

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