Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome Back

It's been a long time since I posted to my blog.  Life just got away with me, and I found myself with little time.  I'm still here in Virginia, still living in my tiny apartment with my cat and my bird and working in downtown DC.  

I took a few trips last year, one to my beloved Charlottesville in September; a weekend trip to Asheville, NC, in the fall in October; and most recently a trip to NYC with my daughter and two of my grandkids.  I had a wonderful time everywhere I visited.  

Here are some of my photos from Charlottesville.  I just love it there.  It's one my absolute, favorite places in the whole world; and I never get tired of going there.  It has everything, history, beauty, wonderful restaurants, great wineries.  

River behind Wintergreen Winery

One of the overlooks from the Parkway

My dream home (actually a farm on the parkway)

A huge sunflower farm on the parkway

Who doesn't love a donkey?  

The gorgeous blue ridge

We drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Charlottesville and felt the temperature drop. The weekend started out misty and wet but ended up sunny and sparkling.  We took the time to stop at an overlook at look out over a gap in the mountains.  Coming around a bend, we saw a huge field of sunflowers that seemed to go on forever.  I'm telling you, I wanted to stay right there and never come back.  The nice part is that it's so close, less than two hours down the road to everything I love.


Dog Trot Farm said...

Welcome back Genny, you have been missed. Sounds like you've experienced some wonderful adventures...who does not love a field of sunflowers? I have always dreamed of a tiny log cabin nestled in our woods...a little place just for me...Glad you're back, Julie.

Genny said...

Thanks, Julie! And thank you for taking the time to read my post. Hopefully one of many more.

Loving snow said...

I love reading your stories.. very interesting=)

Rural Revival said...

Glad you're back Genny. Beautiful images, all!!