Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pre-Dawn View

I usually leave for work about 4:45 a.m.  When I get to work at the Washington Navy Yard, it's still dark; but there are some beautiful sights even that early in the morning.  No breathtaking sunrises yet because it's still too dark.  But if you look at the Anacostia River, you can see the bridge from D.C.  I love the colors reflected on the water in the very early morning.

There is also a battleship on display on the waterfront.  It's the USS Barry.   

This is what I learned about her online:  

"USS Barry is one of only three remaining Forrest Shermans. She is the third ship to bear the name of the illustrious Revolutionary War naval hero, Commodore John Barry. She supported the 1958 Marine and Army airborne unit landing in Beirut, Lebanon. In 1962, she was a member of the task force that quarantined Cuba in response to evidence that Soviet missiles had been installed on the island. 

Barry earned two battle stars for her service during the Vietnam conflict. She was credited with destroying over 1,000 enemy structures. In the early 1970s she was homeported in Athens, Greece as part of the Navy's forward deployment program. Barry was decommissioned in 1982. She began her new career as a permanent public display ship in 1984. She is also used for training and shipboard familiarization, and as a ceremonial platform."  

People take tours aboard her all the time.  She's an amazing ship.


Verde Farm said...

Genny-these are gorgeous pictures. I think nighttime photos can be so pretty. I love the reflection of colors in the water and what a cool battleship!

Knatolee said...

Pretty pictures!