Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Feed the Ducks

That's what the signs say all around the pond.  Apparently, someone wasn't listening because as soon as these guys saw me, they began a mad swim to shore.   I didn't have anything for them, just me and my camera.

They created quite a wake in their synchronized rush to get to me.

They were SO excited to see me!  And I couldn't wait to see them and take their pictures.   They waddled toward me as quickly as their little feet would let them.  I love ducks.  They're so darn cute!

Ducks:  Hey, guys, this one looks like a pushover for someone with feathers, webbed feet, and a duck bill.

 Can I have an extra treat just for being so different and cute?

Okay, I think this one is a bust.  No goodies here.

 Feathered friends:  We're outta here!  Deadbeat!

Me:  Wait, come back!  Don't you want to be famous?  I'm planning to put your photos on my blog!

Come back!  Please?

Oh well, I did manage to take these great photos of cat tails that have gone to seed for another year.  It was incredibly warm yesterday here in NOVA at 79 degrees.  Can you believe it!?

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