Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful Maine

I left for Maine on the 2d of October and was back home by the 5th.  I had a cold when I left here and by the time I was headed back, I had bronchitis and a sinus infection.  I needed to be home to get to a doctor and to rest in my own bed.  I'm starting to feel better after resting for the last week and antibiotics.  The flight into Portland was so beautiful with the islands and the blue water washing up on the beaches.  Julie, it made me think of you and your island home.  

I did get to take a ride and take some wonderful photos during the few days I was there (when I wasn't in bed trying to sleep things off).  We took a drive up to Sunday River and took a road along the river where I spied a beautiful pool between the fast running water coming down the mountain.  My great son-in-law was kind enough to pull over so I get some shots of the amazing view.  

This is beautiful little pond that lies between the upper and lower streams.  I could have stayed here all day.

Here is the river flowing on after pooling in the spot above.  I could just imagine wading into the water with a fly rod, trying to catch trout, something I've always wanted to do.

This is a shot of the river flowing into the beautiful reflecting pool.  It was heaven.  You can see the fall color on the trees in the background.  The leaves haven't started to change this much in Virginia yet.  I don't think we've had enough chilly weather yet.

The new photo in my header is another photo of this magical and beautiful place.  Can you tell that I LOVED Maine?


Dog Trot Farm said...

Genny, glad you are doing much better. When you become ill there just is no place like home and being in our own bed. When you flew into Portland as you may have guessed you did indeed fly over Casco Bay and Long Island (my Island home) Might you return next Fall? I do hope so.

Donna Henderson said...

Well done. Don't you just love this time of year?

Jayne said...

Just beautiful Genny! Hope you are feeling better and stronger every day.

Rural Revival said...

Beautiful photos Genny, I love the photo of the leaves. I do hope you are feeling better.


Razzberry Corner said...

Beautiful!!!!! I knew you'd love Maine! Your pictures are amazing. That's so sad that you were sick while you were there! You'll just have to go again when you are felling better! When I went down to GA in Sep I got sick as soon as I got there, it was awful. But in about 3 days I was better, and my training down there was almost 3 weeks, so it didn't slow me down! But I understand it's awful to not feel well when you want to see and do everything in the local area! I'm glad you're feeling better now!! I've missed talking you you in tha past month!

Genny said...

Julie: I sure hope I get to come back to Maine sometime. I don't know when that will be since my vacation time is kind of limited. You're right; there's nothing like being in your own bed at home when you're not feeling well.

Donna: Thank you for visiting my blog. I do love the fall. It's my absolute favorite time of the year. I could actually do without summer and have two falls instead! LOL!

Jayne: Thanks so much for stopping by! I am feeling better now. I can't believe how fast this came on. I'm on immunosuppresants for a chronic health problem. While they do help with that issue, I think it makes me more susceptible to other infections.

Andrea: I'm loving the photos on your blog too! That pumpkin pie looks soooo good. I'd love a slice with some whipped cream and hot coffee to wash it down.

Lynn: I've missed talking to you too. The lightning rods in your photos are amazing. When I saw them I was thinking how much I'd like to collect them and weather vanes. Is there a Clyde's Restaurant near you? I love the one here because it reminds me so much of Vermont and New England in general. The different room are old barns that were due for destruction. They were taken apart and put back together into different rooms. They have a great collection of carriages that hang from the ceiling and old signs. I love vintage things, especially old tin signs, although I don't collect much of anything due to lack of room. LOL! Good thing! I'm glad you're back and feeling better too.