Friday, August 20, 2010

Life as a House


This movie stars Kevin Kline who has been an absent father in his 16-year-old son's life.  He lives in a run down shack on the ocean.  He goes to work one day, only to be fired after 24 years and finds out he is dying of cancer.  He decides to tear down the shack and build a house with his rebellious kid.  How did I ever miss this movie?!  It was made in 2001.  I absolutely loved it.  There is one scene in the movie where he's lying in the hospital room and nurse comes in and touches him gently on the face.  He tells her that's the first time he's been touched by anyone in years.  It made me realize how lonely and empty life would be without those hugs from my kids and grandkids, my sister, my nephews, friends and all the people that are so dear to me.  We're are such tactile beings from the time we're conceived.  I can't imagine living a life where no one had physically touched you for years.  See this movie if you get a chance.  There are some screwy parts, but on the whole, you'll love it.  Make sure you have a box of tissues handy.


Razzberry Corner said...

Genny - Thanks for the recommendation!

How far is Sterling from you? I am going to be staying in Sterling next week for a class for work - it's right by the Dulles Town Center. They say the class will be very intense, homework every night, so I arranged to get a hotel over there instead of driving the 60 miles home every night. Isn't that in your area???


Jayne said...

Sounds like my kind of flix to watch when hubby is engrossed in Ice Road!

Genny said...

Lynn: Sterling is only 10 min from me! Let's get together if you have time. I'll take you to dinner. Email me and I'll send you my cell phone number. Wooopeeee!

Jayne: You'll love this movie. It awakened so many feelings in me.

Snappy Di said...

This is one I have wanted to see for years. Now waiting for it to show up on Video On Demand. waiting, waiting, waiting.