Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm BAAAAaaack

I got back from Vegas on Friday morning after flying in on the red eye.  I couldn't sleep on the plane, which is unusual for me because I normally start snoring as soon as the engines start.  For some reason, my legs were restless and I couldn't get comfortable.  I sat next to the window and when I finally fell asleep there was no one in the seats next to me.  When I woke up, there was a guy sleeping there, slumped over his tray table.  Whoa!  I was so tired when I got home that I left my suitcase unpacked and fell into bed and slept until 2  in the afternoon.  Can you say jet lag?

Vegas was, in a word, HOT!!  We did a lot of walking and I felt like I was melting into the pavement.  Good thing I brought lots of clothes.  I had to change every time I came back to the room because I was soaked in sweat.  Everybody kept saying the heat was no big deal because it wasn't humid.  IT WAS A BIG DEAL.  IT WAS HOT.  LOL!! 

Weather aside, I had a great time.  Got a lot of work done, met up with folks I knew, and made some new friends.  The casinos were all so different and amazing.  The crowds were unbelievable!  We stayed at the Flamingo, and they have real Flamingos there! 

I went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian and it was wonderful.  I've seen it before but love the music and the acting.  If you get a chance to go there, don't bother to pay for the expensive seats.  The theater is small and you can see fine from anywhere in the theater.  You'll love it, I promise.

One of the places we walked through was Ceasar's Palace.  It has amazing sculptures and ceilings.  I snapped a photo of this beautiful fountain of Neptune.  The place is full of the very best stores, Versaci, Tiffany, places I only browsed through.  They also had a cool show about Atlantis at one of the fountains with talking statues and fountains and fire!!  It was really a good time. 

One of the other casinos (can't remember which one) has a thunderstorm every hour.  The ceiling is painted like the sky and it gets dark and cool.  The thunder starts along with lightning, and then they have a rainstorm that falls from the ceiling into a pool.  It was wonderful. 


Pondside said...

Hi Genny - thank your the visit to my blog - it gave me a chance to come over to see yours. I like the way you write - a little bit of everything in your life. We were in Vegas earlier this summer. Isn't it wild!?
..........and I do like the silver hair! I'm going that route too.

Pondside said...

...I should always proof read my comments!! Of course, I meant to say 'thank you for your visit to my blog'.

Jayne said...

I've never been there but I've heard that just about everything is over the top! Welcome home. :c)

Genny said...

Pondside: I love your blog! Thank you so much for coming to visit mine. I sometimes wonder if anyone reads what I write, so your kind comments are very much appreciated.

Jayne: This was the first time I'd been to Vegas and didn't know what to expect. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but there are loads of things to see for free. I would have enjoyed it more if the weather had been cooler.

Razzberry Corner said...

Genny, I went to Vegas once a long time ago. I remember it was HOTTTTT! I thought it was a kind of hot that just went through me, humidity or not. You blog makes me want to go back out to see all the sites in Vegas! It sounds like you had a blast! I always wanted to get married in Vegas, I thought it would be fun. Needless to say, I was married over 20 years ago and it was not in Vegas! I will have to tell Randy that we have to go back & get remarried by Elvis - that would be a good laugh!

Hmmmm, we are going on vacation out west in October....


Genny said...

Lynn: I think it would be fun to go with a group of people together. I'd go back but definitely not in the summer. Like you, I thought it was TOO HOT! You should get married by Elvis. That would be too funny and fun! They even have drive-through wedding chapels.