Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Lose a Grammy in 10 Ways

You take her to a farm and let her pet and feed all the animals and take a ton of pictures while her grandkids run around and pet and feed all the animals with her.  My daughter came to visit and brought my three handsome grandsons.  We spent the afternoon last Saturday at a farm and had a ball.  We saw llamas and geese and cows and chickens and bunnies and turkeys and donkeys and tons of babies.  I was in heaven, suffering from a bad case of spring fever and barnheart.  This was the perfect cure.

Isn't she beautiful?  She had gorgeous eyelashes.  And she was just as sweet as she was beautiful.  We fed her food pellets from our hands.

Here is her stall mate.  

Oh and the babies, we saw so many babies.  I wanted to pick them all up and take them home with me.  They were soft and cuddly and so adorable.

The baby goats were some of my favorites.  They scampered and gamboled (I love that word), jumping in the air with all four feet off the ground at the same time.  The little black and white spotted one kept jumping on its mother's back trying to reach the food being held out by tiny hands.  They were Nigerian Dwarf goats, so beautiful and so sweet.

We saw mothers at the farm too.  

The baby llamas were the best.  Their fur was so incredibly thick and soft, and they were so tame and friendly.  They would come right up to you and let you love and rub all over them.  I can see why they are used for fiber.  Their fur is incredible.

This little guy walked up behind my daughter and stood there with his head looking right over her shoulder.  She didn't know he was there.  I tried to grab the shot because it was precious, but this is what I got instead.  She got startled and the little guy got startled too.  More to come in the next post. 


Crowzma said...

Nothing soothes the soul like the trust of a baby animal. It's wonderful. Trying to get Nigerian dwarf goats here on my 2.5 acres. They are the BEST! One of my closest friends has a fold, and I already have my two picked out.

Love your playlist, too. We could do animals and music together any time.

Rural Revival said...

What a fun and lovely day; an excellent cure for Barnheart! I would have wanted to bring them all home with me. : )


Razzberry Corner said...

Hi Genny! Love your blog, love the pic of Arlington. I work for the govt in the DC area, too. I guess there's alot of us!

Knatolee said...

What adorable photos!! I love the llamas, of course. Sounds like you had a lovely day together.

Genny said...

Crowzma - How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your baby goats. The Nigerians have such wonderful colors and personalities.

Andrea - They were all so lovely. I love animals. I could have spent the entire day there and looked forward to more.

Lynn - Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I didn't realize you lived so close to me either. I've never been to the Maryland side, but if your farm is any indication, it must be beautiful. I've fallen in love with northern Virginia after living in NC for over 30 years.

Knatolee - It's always fun when the grandkids come to visit. But they make me realize that I'm not getting any younger. I just want to retire, buy my little farmhouse and some land so I can parallel Crowzma's life and get some baby goats!

Lindsay said...

So cute! I still make everyone I'm with stop by the petting zoo wherever we go.

As for knitting lessons, have you tried They've got videos up there for basics and fancier techniques.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a fun day you shared with your daughter and grandson. Beautiful photos and how I would love to have donkeys and llamas living here at Dog Trot Farm. Never say never!