Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my blog friends and family!  I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration.  Here are some pictures that I took on my walk around the pond on Friday.  The ducks and geese are all paired off, courting and looking for nesting sites.  The trees are leafing out.  The beautiful cherry trees are in bloom.  I think spring is officially well into her own season. May the renewal of life and love evident in the changing season mirror your own joys and hopes for renewal and peace.

A few weeks ago these trees were completely bare, and now they're bursting forth with gorgeous blossoms and renewed vigor.

These two ducks are a bonded pair, the little female mallard and the white male.  Notice his little drake feather curl?

Bonded geese.  They're always together, feeding, swimming, preening.  They're beautiful.  We should have baby ducks and geese in the few short coming weeks.  They're looking for nesting sites in the rushes that line the shore.


Crowzma said...

Beautiful shots, Genny. Have a happy Easter.

Jayne said...

Happy Easter to you Genny!

Genny said...

Thanks, Ginny and Jayne! I hope you both had a wonderful Easter.

Knatolee said...

Beautiful birds, beautiful flowers! Happy spring!

Robin's Reports said...

Happy Belated Easter to you!! Is it me, or did your photos get better? Love all the new blooms & beautiful geese.

I'm so glad I checked in w/ all the blogs today. What a blessing.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Beautiful Spring pictures Ginny, thank you for sharing. Lets hope Spring is here to stay!