Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wine Weekend

Every year around the beginning of November, we have a tradition of heading to Charlottesville, VA, to commemorate my daughter's anniversary with "Wine Weekend." We all arrive at different times over the weekend, but the festivities normally begin on Friday afternoon with lunch somewhere, maybe a small wine tasting at a local vineyard, and then a fun dinner together before we head back for a good night's sleep so we can start another day of exploring on Saturday. We may go to some old favorites or maybe try a new winery. What matters most is the company, the laughter, and the heady feeling you get from sipping each brand of a vineyard specialty. The dessert wines are my favorite. The weather is usually crisp and wonderfully cool, and the mountains oblige by putting on a spectacular show of color. I can't really put down everything I feel about this special time. I just love it. I love the mountains. I love the people I go with.

My daughter and her sister-in-law (WW 2008)

The pond at Oakencroft
(photo by Kathryn)

Wine Weekend, the celebration of your love,
Reflects a time of happiness,
Bright and shining
As the sun on the mountains
And the gilded leaves of fall.
The twining vines,
No longer burdened by their fruit
Caper and dance in the wind.
The bounty has long been harvested and
Given up its spirit to honey-colored nectar
And crimson ambrosia.
We trek the mountain tops
Tasting and searching
for our treasures to take home.
Vintners speak of aroma, notes, and finish.
But we take in the beauty around us,
Delight in shared laughter
And somewhat irreverently swill
The wine in happy draughts.
This is our tradition,
Each year’s memories,
Our anniversary celebration of
Each passing year
At wine weekend.