Saturday, October 25, 2008

Midlife Dating

What does a girl my age have to do to find a nice guy to go out with anyway? I haven't had much luck with the online dating thing. All the guys my age either seem to want someone who is "slender and toned" or who is much younger than they are. Do you think it could be my self portraits? Or my description as "average" and "a few extra pounds"? My sister thinks it's my self portraits. She thinks I looked surprised in all the photos I take of myself, but hey, it's not the easiest thing in the world to get the camera focused and pointed at the right angle in the mirror while making sure I look into the lens when I taking my picture (did ya get all that?). We talked about doing a series of photos of me as different personas. . . as in, "this is my serious look. . .," "playful look. . .," "sexy look. . .," "young look. . .," "young oriental look. . .," "liberal look. . .," "conservative look. . . ." You get the picture. It sounds like fun even if it doesn't get me a date. What is it with you older, single guys anyway?

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Cedar ... said...

Oh my, you too? I have tried this and also faught the battle of "slender and toned"... and then there are those that talk about all the downhill skiing, international travel, and on and on,... gotta laugh, at least WE are real!