Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Down on the Farm

On Sunday, we took the kids to visit a farm that had a lot of things for young kids to do. They have two catch-and-release ponds, but alas, we didn't have a fishing pole. I thought they would have poles there to rent, but it didn't work out that way. There was a section of the farm that had animals that we got to feed and pet. The goats and sheep ate right out of our hands, and they had an adorable calf.

This goat escaped from her pen and walked around begging for handouts. She was very gentle and ate corn nicely from our hands. But she was insistent about being fed LOL!

Notice anything funny about the animals below?

There were tractor races, for lack of a better description!

I think everyone was tired out by the time we got home after an afternoon in the sun and fun. The kids went for a ride on the cow train and got to jump on a huge pillow that looked like an overstuffed ravioli. Michael found this huge plastic cow and had to check things out for himself.
Umm, hey, what's this under here?

Okay, I think you're supposed to squeeze these or something.

Oh! I didn't know anyone was watching me.

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