Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guess this Movie

I guess I'm a little weird because I love movie quotes. In fact, my son David and I love to play "name that movie." Here is my quote for today, which is from a movie I really like. See if you can guess what movie it is.

"How do you get that pencil to move? Is it a trick pencil?"

"I ask it to move. I guess I could say I will it, but it's more like a request. After all, we're all made of the same stuff, Bob."

[Pause] "Wood?"

"No, Bob, energy, the small pieces."


Knatolee said...

I don't know the movie, but I LOVE the quote!

Hope your weather has cooled off. :)

Robin's Reports said...

What about Bob? with Bill Murray?

Fun game. We love to quote movies too but they're usually Disney.

Genny said...

Okay, give up? The movie is Phenomenon with John Travolta. It's a great movie. Thanks for taking a chance and playing.

Crowzma said...

Phenomenon. I knew the answer but I was too late to play. I love that movie, and have watched it every chance I get.

Ok, I'm simply going to have to add your blog to my Google Reader subscriptions. This and the Professor's Last Lecture were just too good to miss.