Thursday, February 15, 2007

Off to Warmer Climes

Well, after a horrible four weeks that included a chest x-ray, pneumonia, two kinds of antibiotics, a bad reaction to methylprednisolone, a CT scan, and a colonoscopy, I'm happy to say that I survived and feel well enough to make a trip to Florida to visit my friend Gracie. She and I have known each other over 30 years and have the kind of friendship that doesn't need constant contact to sustain it. Each time we've seen each other, it's been like picking up a well-read, well-loved book that you cherish each time you read it. I had the good fortune to find a *very* cheap ticket for $80 round trip, so I couldn't NOT take advantage and fly down to see Grace.

We're going to play the weekend by ear, but I know it will include lots of talking, tons of laughter, probably some tears and loads of hugging. What more could you ask for?


Robin's Reports said...

Genny! I wish I had known you were coming. I would have baked a cake. Hope you have a good time. Sorry the weather wasn't a bit warmer this weekend.

Genny said...

Robin, my plans were so last minute. I wish we could have met. I don't know how far you are from Sanford or Apopka where Grace lives, but I'd love to get together the next time I come down. You're right, the weather was downright chilly. I had a wonderful time though.