Monday, February 5, 2007

Big Head Saga

Do you know the joke about the little kid who runs inside crying. His mom asks him what happened, and he tell her all the kids say he has a big head. So the mom sweeps her hand in an enormous circle around that big-head kid and says, "Don't believe them, son. Don't believe them." Well, this started out as somewhat of a family joke. My sister Sue is convinced that she has a big head. She points out family photos and says doesn't her head look bigger than everyone else's head in the picture? Well, of course, being the evil older sister, I said yes, it sure does. Well, we've kind of made it a family tradition -- you know, I have a big head, my sister has a big head, our mom, she had a big head too. And in actuality, our heads are somewhat larger than those of our kids (unless they could be pinheads). I could never fit into my kids' ball caps and Sue could never fit into some of her kids' ball caps either. Anyway, it became a standing joke where we all joked about the big head. That is. . . until my grandson went in for his 18 month checkup and the doctor measured his head, looked at my daughter and said, "Does anyone in your family have a big head?" DOH!!!

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Robin's Reports said...

This is so funny to me. My sister has always said that I was adopted and it plagued me for years. I don't know how I bought into that since we all look alike.

Is this why your dog was named Bighead Todd?

I may have to sit down and compose something like you, Pnat and Phyllis. (Maybe Ginny too?)