Friday, January 12, 2007

There's no Place Like Home

Yippeeee!! I'm a homeowner. I closed on my house yesterday, and I drove over to see it again afterwards. I LOVE this house and the yard and the promise it brings for happy, secure times.

Here are pictures of my kitchen and living room. These rooms have laminate flooring which looks really nice. I need to replace the stove, get a fridge and dishwasher; but I can't wait to really start living in it. The bedrooms are carpeted, which I'm not overly fond of. I'm going to get an estimate on how much it would cost to replace the carpeting with flooring of some kind. I like laminate, but it's slippery when wet.

Here's a picture of my very large, very beautiful backyard. I just love this yard. I'm having some Pines taken down but there are dogwoods that will be beautiful in the spring; and I'm going to replace some of the pines with river birch. I'm so excited at the thought of planting a garden and getting to enjoy it season after season with Beautyberry, Lilacs, Coneflowers, and a ton of other plants I love. I'll have to keep a picture journal of how it changes from beginning to end. There's plenty of branches to hang windchimes and bird feeders, and white Christmas lights that I love all year round.


Peg said...

Oh, Dorothy, I'm so happy for you and all the Totos to come!

Knatolee said...

Oh!! Your house is LOVELY!! You must be so happy. I can't wait to see the garden evolve. Welcome home. :)

Genny said...

Come and visit me! I'd love to have you stay with me and love company. The fall and winters are great here. I can start stocking some wine right now.