Friday, February 15, 2013


Dreams are funny things.  I sometimes wonder if they are portents of things to come or things that we wish were true.  I ride a van pool to work, and last night I dreamed that I rode a tricycle from my home to the commuter lot and back home again.  At one point, I was riding home and noticed some beautiful flowers in a field off the road and thought. I need to bring my kids out here to see these flowers before they're gone.  They looked like bluebells.  When I got home, though, I realized that I didn't know where I'd put my purse.  But, logically, I remembered that I had left my purse with my cell phone in it at home because there was nowhere to hold my purse on the tricycle I was riding.  

The strange part was that the house was a place that we had just moved into somewhere in the country.  The tricycle I was riding was child sized when I looked at it. but fit me just right while I was riding.  And when I was riding, I was able to go just as fast as the cars around me.  How weird is that?!  

Dreams are funny, funny things.  They make me wonder what it all means when I wake.  But while I sleep, they are beautiful, unfathomable, and times of endless magic.

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