Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break in DC

My grandkids came to visit over spring break, and we headed into the city, something I normally wouldn't do on my own.  I drive down there every day for work and never feel the urge to go down there on the weekend.  But I went with my grandkids, and they were so excited.  I took them over to the Navy Yard where I work, and we drove down the street and looked at all the monuments.  They wanted to go to the Smithsonian and touch the moon.  Yep, there's a piece of the moon there that you can actually touch!  One of the space shuttles is going to be housed at the Air and Space Museum in Dulles, something to see once it's put into place there.

I took these photos of the boys and some of the sights.  

The White House 

The Washington Monument

 The Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)

 Blow up Earth near Navy Yard

Building on the Navy Yard.  I work in the building next to the one with the chimneys!

There's a sweet little park next to the Navy Yard where the boys got to run around.  This is Boo trying to hide from us!

We went to Phillips Seafood restaurant for lunch, and it was great, as you can see from the looks on these little faces!  Yum!

I also snapped these great shots of the Jefferson Memorial, one of my favorite because I love Charlottesville and Monticello.  

The Memorial Bridge that leads to Arlington National Cemetery.

Hope you all enjoyed taking the tour with us!  

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Rural Revival said...

I did enjoy it! This area of the US is on my top 10 list of places I would love to see. : )

Looks like you all had lots of fun.