Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How I Spent My Weekend

Here are the before photos of my weekend-long painting job. It actually took me longer than a weekend, since I started it last weekend. The dining room was painted in shades of red and green (ugh, double ugh), red on the top and green on the bottom. Part of the wall that had a box attached to it was blue once the box was removed. Since I'm renting my house out, I thought it would be nice to change those hideous colors to something a little more neutral and tenant friendly.

Of course, I had to prime first. It took three coats of primer to cover the red.

Here is the finished wall, nicely done in antique white and green on the bottom. Not colors I would have chosen for myself, but I was trying to avoid having to paint the entire room. I left the green and just painted the top part, but I think it looks good! I'll change it once I move back in four years!