Friday, January 29, 2016


I've been preoccupied lately with a feathered friend that flew in about a month ago.  I spotted her at the bird bath getting a drink.  At first I thought she was migrating through but since then, I've realized that she's set up her abode in my neighborhood, at least for now.  

My visitor is a juvenile Cooper's hawk.  She's large, much bigger than a crow and you can see her eyes are still yellow.  She's regal really.  

She's very casual in hunting.  She'll look around and walk the fence.  She'll swoop into my yard to stand and listen.  Meanwhile, all the birds and squirrels are hiding in the bushes waiting for her to leave.  I watched her jump down from the fence to casually walk along the ground.  When she was in the right spot, she quickly darted into the hollies and grabbed her meal.  

I've named my visitor Ladyhawk.  She doesn't show up every day because I think she makes the rounds, but she is poetry in motion.