Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry. . . uh. . .What Was I Trying to Say?

Christmas Countdown

I can hardly believe that Christmas is just around the corner. I've been sick with an awful cold and have only done a portion of my shopping. No tree this year since all of my Christmas stuff is in storage in North Carolina and I'm not sure where I would put a tree in my very cute (read very tiny) one-bedroom apartment. I will probably get some wreaths for my doors and some Christmas candles to put in my windows.

I miss being close enough to spend part of the holiday preparations with my grandkids and my daughter and have been feeling a little lonely. I won't be leaving to spend the holidays with my kids until after Christmas since someone had to be in the office over the holidays and we're alternating Christmas and New Year. My kids won't be around until after Christmas, so it's worked out perfectly this year.

I'm planning to do a little holiday baking since my sister lives around the corner from me, so I'll take some things over for her family to enjoy. But my daughter is an awesome cook and probably has tons of goodies planned for her own family, so I probably won't be taking anything homemade down to NC when I travel. Maybe some great bagels from the local Safeway here. They make great ones!