Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Re-inventing Moi

Obviously, this is a self-portrait (note camera in hand LOL!). I find I'm redefining, re-inventing myself in my middle age. Do I still count being middle age now that I turned 56 in December? Anyway, I decided to post this much newer, more accurate, much more silvery haired version of myself. I used to color it as you can see in the photo at the right of my blog, but I decided that I hated giving up the time it took to color and keep up with the touch ups. I love having wash-and-go hair. I shower, towel dry, pick it out and I'm off. I can actually be out the door to work in 20 minutes flat if I have to, washed, brushed, clothed, and coffee in hand -- sometimes without make up, I'll admit. Not bad for an old broad, if I say so myself.